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Solar Illuminating Buoy

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Solar Illuminating Buoy

Don't be that guy who hears a big "thud" against the boat while driving at night…..Opps.."Where did my prop go?" and one of those "No Wake" buoys now in pieces! The Solar Illuminating Buoy eliminates nighttime boating accidents involving buoys because it can actually be seen in the dark! Not only is the buoy illuminated, but the navigation information/warning message can also be read at night! A swipe of a magnet will change LED color from white to amber or blue to make it stand out even more. Whether a private homeowner, or a lake association member, the Solar Illuminating Buoy is the perfect solution to making boating/swimming much safer, both day and night!

The Solar Illuminating Buoy is world's first Solar Powered Silhouette Illuminating Buoys and are the safest available. Not only can you see the buoy at night, but, you can actually read the message! The possibilities don't stop there! This unit is equipped with Lake Lite's new patent-pending magnet technology! Swipe the magnet over the solar panel at night to change between 7 brightness levels for user-adjustable brightness and run times. Hold the magnet for 5-seconds and you can change between White, Blue, or Amber illuminating LEDs! That's right, a simple swipe and you can adjust the brightness/run time and buoys illuminating color!

The powerful solar panel of the Solar Illuminating Buoy collects the sun's energy during the day. At night the integrated circuit automatically turns on the super bright LED which lights up the entire body of the buoy. The labels create shadows of the message, logos, and bands, that allow boaters to visibly read the solar illuminating message on the buoy at night.

Lighting When You Need It

Manufactured from rotationally molded Polyethylene for uniform thickness makes this solar illuminating buoy virtually indestructible! Will not crack or fracture from collisions or harsh environmental forces.

Highly visible reflective labels, bands and symbols increase day and night visibility. Many label options and illuminating colors to choose from. Powerful 2.2 watt solar panel ensures all night run times even on cloudy days. Solar illuminating buoys prevent costly boat-buoy collisions and restore confidence back to nighttime boaters.

Solar Illuminating Buoy Highlights:


Great in Lakes

Various Labels


Great in Rivers



Great in Bays



Key Features & Benefits:

6-46 Hrs Run Time *On full Charge

35/70/90/120 Lumens *Varies with Color & Brightness Settings

Fresh Water Rated

Salt Water Rated

Changeable Batteries



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