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Reverse Polarity Connector
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Reverse Polarity Connector

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Reverse Polarity Connector

Lake Lite's Reverse Polarity Connector is an effective way connect LED canopy lights to motors that have the opposite male-female charge connection. The optional Reverse Polarity Connector can be used with Lake Lite's 1.5 meter flexible Boat Lift LED Canopy Light kit, the Wireless Boat Lift Canopy LED Light Kit, or the 0.5 meter Boat Lift LED Light Bar kit 

Key Features & Benefits

Red & Black Color Coded Wire

18 AWG Wire Tinned Marine Grade Wire

Quick Connect-Connector

Easy Installation

Quick Connector System

The quick-connect system will help prevent those mishaps in the future with easy connection and disconnecting at the beginning and ending of each season. The Reverse Polarity Connector with lquick connectors insure fool-proof installation.

Reverse Polarity Connector Includes:

Instructions & Wiring Diagrams

Free Technical Support


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