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AC - Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor + Auto Stop + Remote + Bluetooth Control (NEW 2020)

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AC - Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor + Auto Stop + Remote + Bluetooth (New 2020)

Dreading the boat lift wheel?  Ditch your wheel and press a button with a powerful Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor that's faster and stronger and now comes with Bluetooth Technology to configure to any Smart Phone.  

The key feature of the Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor with Auto Stop motor is its design to automatically stop the lift at user-defined upper and lower limits, thus preventing over lifting and any potential damage to the winch box, cable, or boat lift. After following the instructions to program the limits, the lift "remembers" the upper and lower positions for future use. 

The intelligent feature measures actual motor revolutions so it is perfectly accurate each time regardless any slight variations in the motor speed affected by more or less persons or weight on the boat lift.

The Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor will fit ANY boat lift that has a wheel. We offer quick and easy installation complete with illustrated instructions. With a lift capacity of up to 7,000 pounds, the Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor easily installs in 20 minutes or less.
An optional flexible canopy light strip may be added to your order, but please note that the Lift Tech AC wireless motors can ONLY support a single light strip.

Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor Key Features & Benefits

2-Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

AC 110v (House Current)

7,000 lb Capacity

Wireless Remote & Bluetooth Technology 

Speed at 110/120v = 76 RPMs

Programmable Technology

Replace your manual turn-wheel on your existing boat lift with the Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor. Make cranking your lift simpler and safer with the programmable auto stop technology by Lift Tech Marine. Once programmed, your Direct Drive Boat Lift Motor is capable of stopping at preset heights.

Kit Includes:

AC Remote Boat Lift Winch Motor

Wireless Remote Controller

Installation Kit

Free Technical Support



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The Lift-Tech boat lift motor product is Great! I ordered the AC version (be sure the AC power is GFI protected) with the auto limit stops. The product includes clear instructions. It's easy to install and even easier to operate. The lift motor is...
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