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12v Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor + 15w-12v Boat Lift Charging Kit

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Lift Tech DC - Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor Kit

Tired of cranking your boat out of the water? This friction DC - Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor is a simple way to take the effort our of raising your boat. Increased speed and strength over competing brands lifts your boat out of the water with confidence, yet gives you the option to use the wheel whenever necessary or in the event of power failures or dead battery. This unit converts a manual boat lift into a solar powered or electric hoist.

Fits all current lift applications with a 21st century approach. Lake Lite has teamed up with Lift Tech Marine to offer the finest lift motors on the market. The DC - Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor unit offers quick and easy installation complete with illustrated instructions.

DC - Wheel Drive Boat Lift Motor Key Features & Benefits

30% More Speed

Extreme Ease of Installation

Adjustable Spring Tensioner

12v DC


15w-12v Boat Lift Solar Charging Kit

Keep your boat lift battery in top condition and ready to use at any time with Lake Lite's 15w-12v Boat Lift Solar Charging Kit. One of our most popular charging kits, the 15w-12v Boat Lift Solar Charging Kit is the perfect charge for 12v DC boat lift systems using a single 12v battery.Illustrated instructions ensure fast and simple installation plus we offer a video for additional reference. 

The 15w-12v Boat Lift Solar Charging Kit is constructed to last using only the best materials to withstand harsh marine Boat Lift Charging Sizing Chartenvironments and  UV radiation. The easily-adjustable anodized aluminum mounting arm resists corrosion and has the strength to withstand high winds and storms. Furthermore, Lake Lite's manufactures the highest quality solar panels available and are rated for 20+years life! With an emphasis on CELL quality, reliability, and longevity, Lake Lite's 15w-12v Boat Lift Solar Charging Kit meets the highest customer standards. Our panels feature monocrystalline cells, a superior solar technology when it comes to efficiency. Superb low lighting performance, these single-crystal, silicon cell panels have a long lifespan, high durability, high reliability. These modules are sealed with low iron tempered glass and anodized aluminum alloy frames.

Minimum Solar Sizing Chart

Key Features & Benefits

High-Efficiency Mono-Crystalline Solar Cells

Anodized Aluminum Frame

Mounts To Any Boat Lift

20+ Years Lifetime Panel Rating

12v DC Boat Lifts and Boats

Replaceable Wiring & Quick Connect System

Adjustable Angle for Maximum Solar Charge

Easy Installation

J-Arm Easily Handles Storms & High Winds

Lift Capacity Up To 6000 lbs

If you require several lifts per day and or have a heavier boat please consider our larger 20-watt panel. Perfect for the average weekend user and or light to medium weight boats, Lake Lite's 15w-12v Boat Lift Solar Charging Kit will handle the task of raising and lowering your boat when you need it most.

Boat Lift Solar Charging Kit Includes:

15w-12v High Efficiency Solar Panel with Anodized Frame

20ft Red-Black Color Coded 18AWG Wire & Quick Connect

3/8" Battery Connection Ring Terminals & Quick Connect

36" Mounting Arm, Bracket, & Hardware

Various Battery Trays

2 Stainless Steel Mounting Straps

Instructions & Wiring Diagram

Free Technical Support

Optional Solar Charge Regulator

Free Battery Status Indicator

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The entire experience with your company was simply excellent! Everything fit perfectly, instructions were clear and easy to follow, and, importantly, using the included clamps avoided a lot of hole drilling, and the finished look is excellent.

And how nice it is to lift the boat with a...
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great service

great products

great tech service

reasonable price
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Good delivery and price. CS was fast and friendly. The only issue was that you forgot two large washers to connect bolt with J arm and solar bracket. Trip to the Hardware store for two washers..............This was the second unit I bought from Lake Lite. First one works great !!!
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