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12v Solar Charge Regulator

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Solar Charge Regulator for HD 12v Battery Systems 

Lake Lite's HD Solar Charge Regulator is new and improved in 2020. This innovative HD 12v Solar Charge Regulator offers NEW features and more protection.  Includes a LED Charging Status, Reverse Solar Status, Overcharge Protection, Micro Processor Control, IP 65 Sealed Electronics, Blown Fuse Alarm and LED, and IBMS Technology – (Intelligent Battery Management System). This is NOT your standard regulator, rather, an advanced micro-processor is programmed to intelligently monitor the battery condition up to 100%, unlike standard regulators at 55-60%. This feature results in a FULL charge and conditioning of the battery.

The new HD 12v Regulator INCLUDES a heavy duty waterproof male-female connect system that is designed to connect to our new 2020 model solar panels with HD (Heavy Duty) wiring. The new HD Regulator will still work with our older style solar panels (2019 and prior), however, the wiring system will need to be upgraded to the new black HD wiring as the connectors are different. Since the new improved male-female connector is different from our older style red & black quick-connect system, the solar panel wiring must be upgraded when purchasing a new HD regulator.


12v HD SolarCharge Regulator Key Features & Benefits

Rugged IP 65+

Micro Processor

Max Input = 3 Amp

Reverse Solar Polarity Protection

Lightning Protection

IBMS Technology

Max Solar Watt = 40 Amp

Overcharge Protection

Charge Status LED

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Works with Lift Tech by
I had a 10w Lift Tech kit already but no control. The control was important as it was being used to charge batteries still in my boat. I ordered the control Saturday evening and got my shipping confirmation Monday at 8:30a.m. Very fast shipping and a quality product. Thanks
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Works great by
Easy to install works great.
0 0
Awesome by
Awesome! Love that it has a warning when not working and shows battery %.
0 0
Perfection by
The Lake Lite team was outstanding. One phone call, no waiting, no voice responses to route me through a menu system. A real person plus access to the engineer who designed the product I purchased. Awesome! Trouble shooting was effortless and the product did what it is intended to do,...
0 0
Well made. Works great. by
I should have ordered this when I ordered my solar charger. Works great. Plug and play easy.
0 0
Great Service! Responsive! by
I purchased a solar panel with the charge regulator included and the LED lights suggested polarity was wrong on solar panel. Nope! I was coached through how to look more directly at the LED to see the real truth! All was fine, we tested it live on the phone. Also,...
0 0
Great service! by
Great customer service on phone!! Thanks for the help
0 0
Works Great by
Works as stated.
0 0
Great customer service! by
Appreciated the emails to verify validity of order and address confirmation. Karrie was particularly helpful, items arrived with out delay.
0 0
Thumbs up by
Parts were on time and exactly what I needed. Thank you!
0 0
Rewiring kit by
My 5-year old Lake Lite solar panel and regulator wasn't charging my brand new battery. I spoke to the people at Lake Lite and after trying a couple of things to fix the problem, they suggested getting the new rewiring kit. I am very glad I did! ...
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