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1/2 Size AAA Rechargeable Battery
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1/2 Size AAA Rechargeable Battery

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1pk 1/2 AAA Rechargeable Battery NiMh

Size: 1/2 AAA
Voltage 1.2v
Capacity Options 250 mA


Maximize your solar lights performance with LAKE LITE high quality 1/2 AAA Rechargeable Battery. New batteries will ensure more power is absorbed from the sun and yield longer lighting time at night. The 1/2 AAA Rechargeable Battery is especially designed as a replacement battery for Lake Lite's Diamond Dock Dots and 8" Solar Cleat Light and 8" Solar Cleat Light for Connect-A-Dock.

LAKE LITE batteries provide high energy densities, meaning our batteries are filled to capacity with power, unlike store brands.

AAA Rechargeable Battery Key Features & Benefits:

High Quality

High Capacity

High Cycle Life

No Memory Effect

Dependable Performance

High Energy Density

Extend your batteries performance and service life with these great Battery Tips

NOTE: please confirm correct battery size, and or minimum required capacity for your solar light: For questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

Please recycle and properly dispose of old batteries.

Lake Lite's 1/2 AAA Rechargeable Battery comes with a 1-year limited warranty provided to the original purchaser, which protects this product from manufacturing defects in material, assembly and workmanship.

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