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Wireless Boat Lift Canopy LED Light Kit - White

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WHITE - Wireless Boat Lift Canopy Flexible LED Light HD Kit

The Wireless Boat Lift Canopy LED Light Kit is a great way to light up your boat lift canopy for those evening boat rides. The Lake Lite waterproof and flexible 1.5 meter Wireless Boat Lift Canopy LED Light Kit is designed to attach to any boat lift canopy. Simple and quick connection to 12v DC light output.

The Wireless Boat Lift Canopy LED Light Kit adds safety and elegance to your boat lift. Would you like to sit on your boat while on the boat lift after and evening ride and chat with your guests? The Wireless Boat Lift Canopy LED Light Kit turns your boat and boat lift canopy into an extended evening entertainment area, adding ample light to continue the festivities. Experience no more spilled drinks, tripping hazards, or accidental dips in the lake while getting on and off the boat after a relaxing evening ride with the added light offered by the LED canopy lighting system! Just a quick click on the remote (included) will turn the lights on or off, so there is no more fumbling in the dark to find a switch either!

Our Wireless Boat Lift Canopy LED Light Kit is so easy to install, that you can have the unit set up in just minutes. Not only are illustrated instructions included, but our installation video on this page fully demonstrates the easy of installation.

IMPORTANT: ONLY Use this Kit if you have access to a 12v Battery on your Boat Lift. If your boat lift operates on 24v (two 12v batteries) then you simply connect the Wireless Boat Lift Canopy Light to one of your 12v batteries.



NOTE: If you have a wireless AC or DC Boat Lift Motor with a 12v (DC) Light Output Port/Connector, please order this option: LED Canopy Light ONLY (without wireless key fab controller)

Please reference our installation video on this page for quick and easy set up of the Wireless Boat Lift Canopy LED Light Kit.

Wireless Boat Lift Canopy LED Light Kit Key Features & Benefits

Waterproof Connect System

15ft of HD Extension Wire

Fits Any Boat Lift Canopy

Super Bright LEDs

Water-Proof LEDs

Fast & Easy Installation

Wireless Control

Key Fob ON / OFF 

Expandable For Multiple LED Units

Provides Safety at Night

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Mixed Bag by
I bought the dual kit..
There are two main flaws in the product, one's a killer and the other more personal preference.
The remote transmitter is woefully weak. It will only trigger the lights from about 20' away. In my case this means I can't turn on the lights from my...

Please move the transmitter to an open location and the range is 100-150ft line of sight. if the Receiver is blocked or installed in another box (metal box) the range will be very short. If the receiver is installed in a plastic or fiberglass box the range will be slightly reduced however in this case please install the receiver in a position within the box that will be closest to the direction or side the key fob will most likely be used from. 

For maximum range the receiver can be installed up at the LIGHT instead of down at the battery connection. this will give you much further range placing it up near the LED light.

the white color is "neutral-outdoor white" around 5000k. for less bugs we recommend using the Amber/Orange color which is not as bright but will not attract nearly as many bugs in certain areas/lakes. 


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Great customer service and product! by
Great customer service! Was very helpful in modifying my original order to include this product!
0 0
Solar Pontoon Lift LED Lights by
FINALLY! An online company who ships a product with easy to read installation instructions. The easy to follow pictures made it quick to install. The remote works as advertised. This is a great product.
0 0
Great product by
Fast shipping, product worked and installed exactly as described. I love having a canopy light at light. Sure makes unloading the boat an easier job at night.
0 0
Very nice by
Easy install, the remote fob works from inside my house to turn it off and on.
0 0
Fantastic by
Easy, easy, simple to install and set-up with this kit! So nice to have light under the canopy at night when docking and making sure everything has been picked up and not left behind. Would highly recommend. Thx!
0 0
A real nice, easy to install, feature to our boat canopy. I ordered the dual light option. Works as described and looks great.
0 0
Awesome by
Quick shipping
Great communications
Easy installation
Great product
Thank you
0 0
Second order for me from Lakelite. Great product and excellent delivery time. Highly recommend!
0 0
all parts have arrived looks to be simple install can't wait till spring to get to use it
0 0
Lights are installed and work fine. I used two strips with remote. You can see the light with the boat is down but when the boat is up in the canopy you can not see much light.
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