Why Choose Lake Lite brand Solar Deck Lights? Quality!

The most durable Solar Deck Light on the market.

Lake Lite presents an array of premier solar dock light products backed by a sound reputation of quality and longevity. Why choose Lake Lite brand of Solar Deck Lights over competing brands?

First, the design and materials used to construct the solar panel in our light is superior to other brands. Our solar panels are as large as the design allows, thus more solar energy is collected to power the light meaning longer run times. While other solar dock lights on the market utilize plastic coated solar panels, Lake Lite only manufactures lights with a durable, non-yellowing weatherproof monocrystalline panels assuring longevity and optimal efficiency.

Another reason to choose Lake Lite Solar Deck Lights is the type of battery that we use in our products. Not only are the AAA 1.2v 400mA Rechargeable Batteries eco-friendly, but manufactured to provide high energy densities meaning our batteries are filled to maximum capacity with power, unlike store brands. Also the design of our lights allows the batteries to be replaced, unlike some of our competitor’s lights in which the battery cannot be replaced; once the battery dies, the light is done. Our Solar Dock Lights will last for years, with long-lasting high grade batteries.


Lake Lite Solar Deck Lights are exceptionally durable constructed from rust-proof anodized aluminum with waterproof electronics, and a built-in reflector. Most impressive however, are the super-bright LEDs that will illuminate your dock or deck all night long! We offer our deck lights in a clean white LEDs or attractive blue LEDs that are sure to make your dock look stunning in the evening while providing enough light for safe passage.



Finally, our Solar Deck Lights for docks and decking are exceptionally easy to install. They can be screwed down to metal or wooden surfaces, or they can be attached to grated decking surfaces with our Solar Dock Light Wing Nuts without drilling any holes. Within minutes, your dock can be transformed into an elegant and safe walkway to the boat.




Lake Lite offers the highest quality, longest lasting waterproof Solar Dock Lights on the market and are the perfect low-cost, non-permanent solution to illuminating your dock at night.


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